The Casey Stories: Elevator Passion

One early evening in spring, a cool breeze blowing through the trees of the mountains and city, creating enough of a chill to need warm sleeves at the very least. A last-minute call from a new customer wanting a quick delivery downtown causes us to hurriedly leave the house without our hoodies. In an attempt... Continue Reading →


Fantasy: H.S. Hottie

The hottest boy in school and I run into each other after class and it is my first sexual experience and one that I'll never forget...

Erotika’s Naughtiest Sexual Experiences

I admit, I've done some straight up naughty things and have been in some naughty sexual situations, which I'm excited to share with you. I would love comments from all my readers with a few of your naughtiest sexual experiences. Without further ado, I give you some of my top naughtiest sexual experiences. Lesbian high school friend. I found... Continue Reading →

Part Deux: Sexxxxy Erotika’s Fantasies

This is part deux of my own personal fantasy collection, and I'm including ten more fantasies, from a specific time in my life. These ten fantasies, however, were ones I had as a preteen and teenager. I fantasized about a variety of different scenarios or situations at an even younger age: ten years old. Some... Continue Reading →

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